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11:36 AM, October 10, 2015
North Korea Showcases 10,000 kms Range KN-08 Ballistic Missile
KN-08 Ballistic Missile

North Korea has showcased a new version of intercontinental ballistic missile that has range of 10,000 kilometres in a military parade.

The improved version of the KN-08 missile has a modified warhead, Yonhap news agency reported today.

The KN-08, which is also known under the names No-dong-C and Hwaseong-13, is a road-mobile intercontinental ballistic missile believed to be under development by North Korea.

In April this year, Adm. Bill Gortney, the head of the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) said that North Korea has the ability of miniaturizing a nuclear weapon and putting it on its KN-08 intercontinental ballistic missile. Our assessment is that they have the ability to put a nuclear weapon on a KN-08 and shoot it at the homeland," Gortney added.

The military parade marks 70th anniversary of the ruling Workers' Party. 



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