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03:09 PM, October 21, 2015
24 Airbus Caracal Helicopters In US$2.5 Billion Kuwait Arms Deal
Airbus Caracal Helicopter

Kuwait will sign an agreement to procure 24 Airbus Caracal helicopters in a US $1.1 billion defense deal from France Wednesday.

Both France, Kuwait will sign a letter of offer and acceptance for defense deals worth $2.8 billion that include 24 Airbus Caracal helicopters for $1.1 billion and $1.7 billion for ground vehicles by Volvo’s Renault Trucks and modernization of eight P37 patrol boats.

The helicopter deal was announced in June and has a provision for additional helicopters. Kuwait has extended the sustainment contract for the fast patrol boats and the modernization will include mid-life refit of the boats.

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