Raytheon Introduces Next-Gen TOW EagleFire Launcher

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  • 02:27 PM, October 29, 2015
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Raytheon Introduces Next-Gen TOW EagleFire Launcher
Raytheon Introduces Next-Gen TOW EagleFire Launcher

Raytheon has introduced Tow EagleFire launcher, which is designed to bridge the capabilities of existing launchers and eliminate obsolescence issues.

Designed to fire both the wire-guided and wireless radio frequency missiles, TOW EagleFire provides increased capabilities over the TOW 2 launcher at a lower cost, the company announced today.

"We improved target acquisition and engagement found in the older TOW 2 launcher system," said Duane Gooden, vice president of Raytheon's Land Warfare Systems.

"TOW EagleFire is simpler to maintain and more reliable, thanks to built-in test equipment and a significant reduction in system subassemblies." Gooden added.

Other improvements include integrated day-and-night sight with range-finding capability, Ergonomic handgrips and extensive Built-in-Test capability.

TOW EagleFire's lithium-ion power source allows for a nine-hour silent watch capability, when a vehicle's engine is off, along with built-in AC and on-vehicle charging capability.

"Because the new system is less complex, we can provide superior performance in a reduced package," said Gooden. "By planning today for tomorrow's upgrades, TOW EagleFire will accommodate future missile evolution." Gooden added.

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