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02:44 PM, November 2, 2015
Russia, Egypt 'Consulting' on Equipment, Helicopters For Mistral Warship
Mistral Warship

Russia and Egypt have set consultations on the purchase and management of a $1 billion worth communication system and Ka-52K helicopters for Mistral-type warships.

The negotiations with Egypt took place, consultations with the country are in process. “They have expressed a desire to acquire Russian equipment, including helicopters,” Kremlin chief of staff Sergei Ivanov a high-ranking official in the Russian Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation (FSMTC) said on Monday.

In October, Egypt and France signed a contract to buy two French-made Mistral-class helicopter carriers originally built for Russia.

Egypt emerged as France’s replacement customer for the Mistrals in September, following the Paris and Moscow’s termination of a 2011 deal on construction and delivery of the two ships.

In November 2014, France had suspended the contract, citing Moscow's alleged participation in the Ukrainian conflict as a reason to terminate the deal.

The Russian equipment for the Mistrals is due to be returned to Moscow by November 21.

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