US, France Intensify Syria Air Strikes Amidst No Reports of Russian Action

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  • 02:04 PM, November 16, 2015
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US, France Intensify Syria Air Strikes Amidst No Reports of Russian Action
US-led air strikes on Syria killed more than 500 people, including 464 members of IS militants

US warplanes dropped bombs against Islamic State (IS) targets destroying 116 fuel trucks yesterday even as French air strikes hit weapons depots and a training camp in response to the attacks in Paris.

However, there were no reports of airstrikes or missile attacks on IS or other terrorist group targets by Russia over the weekend. The Syrian and Russian media which is usually the first to report of any Russian air action, was silent today about actions of the Russian air force and navy.

The US-led coalition destroyed trucks in a single strike on Sunday near Albu Kamal, an IS-held town in Deir Ezzor province along Syria's border with Iraq.

Coalition forces conducted 10 strikes in northern, central, and eastern Syria on Sunday striking various economic and military targets. In addition, 13 strikes were carried out in various parts of Iraq on Sunday, a Pentagon statement said.

In the first strikes since the November 14 carnage which killed at least 129 and wounded more than 350, French warplanes bombed IS targets in Raqa, the IS's so called 'capital' in Syria. The raid destroyed an IS command post, a recruitment centre, a munitions depot and a "terrorist" training camp, a French military statement said quoted by news agencies.

Meanwhile, buoyed by the coalition air strikes and last week's Russian strikes, Syrian forces advanced in different areas across the country, establishing control over more villages, destroying  terrorists' hideouts, weapons and equipment and killing scores of them, a report in Syria's official news agency SANA said.

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