Israel’s Second Iron Dome Interception System Battery Enters Service

  • Our Bureau
  • 03:47 PM, December 14, 2015
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Israel’s second Iron Dome interception system battery has been qualified with a new system upgrade with a new ‘software block’ over the past weeks.

In a few weeks, the rest of the "Iron Dome" batteries, reserve and mandatory, will also be qualified. Until May 2016, all "Iron Dome" System parts will be upgraded to the new block, Israeli Air Force reported Sunday. 

"In another world, we could have postponed the system upgrade to a year from now, but our enemies are working, so we must continue to better our readiness. The world of 'Iron Dome' is in continuous evolution and we have accompanied 'Iron Dome' from the beginning, sitting in the battery and feeling that it's another world", said Brig. Gen. Haimovich. 

"The system has changed and progressed in its ability to deal with double the targets and can deal with multiple aerial defense missions," he said.

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