China’s Second Indigenous Coast Guard Ship Ready For Deployment

  • Our Bureau
  • 11:42 AM, January 13, 2016
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China’s second domestically produced coast guard ship has been completed recently and is ready for deployment.

The CCG3901 will be deployed in the South China Sea and become a mainstay of China's maritime law enforcement in that area, Global Times news daily reported citing unnamed sources as saying Monday.

CCG 3901, with a 12,000-ton displacement and maximum speed of 25 kn, is also equipped with 76mm rapid fire guns, two auxiliary guns and two anti-aircraft machine guns. It has great advantages in endurance, impact-resistant performance, seaworthiness and speed compared to other coast guard vessels. It is the largest coast guard ship in the world. Some foreign media have even called it a 'monster.'

In addition, CCG3901 has a helicopter platform and hangar in the stern, capable of transporting heavy helicopters. All this marks a major step forward for China's marine police ships.

The ship is similar in design to the CCG2901, which was deployed last year in eastern China's sea. The CCG3901 can stay out at sea longer, hold a bigger crew and carry more supplies. It is also safer if a crash should occur.

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