Syrian MiG-29 Escort Russian Su-25 During Air Raids Against IS

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  • 09:05 AM, January 19, 2016
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Syrian MiG-29 Escort Russian Su-25 During Air Raids Against IS
Syrian MiG-29s Escort Russian Su-25 bombers (Image: Screen grab from Youtube)

Syrian MiG-29 planes provided Russian Su-25 bombers with air cover during sorties against Islamic State (IS) in Syria.

“Crews of Su-25 aircrafts from the Russian Air Force and MiG-29 planes of the Syrian Air Force carried out a joint military mission over Syria,” Syrian Arab news agency, Sana cited Russian Defense Ministry as saying in a statement last Thursday.

The ministry added that MiG-29 provided air cover to the Russian bombers that were carrying out raids against positions of ISIS terrorist organization in Syria.

The ministry explained that the Syrian fighter jets took off from the base’s airport and met in the selected area with the Russian bombers which took off from Hmeimeem airport, noting that the Syrian fighter jets accompanied and covered the Russian bombers during the flight, the strikes and returning.

Since September 30th the Russian air force carried out sorties according to the agreement between Syria and Russia to counter Takfiri terrorism and the elimination of ISIS terrorist organization.

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