Our Bureau
08:42 AM, January 20, 2016

Umbra Applied Technologies (UAT) has successfully completed development of its exclusively designed combat sniper rifle – the Precision Rifle Platform-30 caliber.

Dubbed "PRP-30", a firearm manufactured from premium purpose driven materials and components, is to empower special operation units of law enforcement and the military.

Specifically manufactured for use under extreme and severe combat conditions, the Company has produced this first run of demonstrator rifles from its proprietary top secret metal treatment process referred to as UmbraTec, equipped with a 2.5lb trigger pull with the fastest reset in the industry, from UBR-16 adjustable stock, integrating a unique bipod system, and armed with a spectrum of additional robust and specialized functional design cues.

"In our drive to develop the very finest precision combat platform currently available, we have exceeded even our own expectations. The PRP-30's advanced design is the perfect marriage of a high caliber combat rifle and a precision shooter designed to function consistently under the most extreme circumstances." stated Chairman and CEO, Alexander L. Umbra. He continued: "When we first endeavored to create the best precision rifle, we began with an advantageous set of standards that we believed would redefine our industry's benchmark for excellence. The PRP-30 design has precisely hit the mark, exemplifying not only its heritage, but its purpose as an elite force combat tool. We are very pleased."

The PRP-30, in like form to its predecessor, the UBR-16, is an unprecedented combat weapon manufactured to a standard of excellence uncommon in the industry.  Boasting impressive chart topping specifications such as 1 MOA sniper rifle capability, the cutting edge design enables the launching of projectile at 3,100 feet per second to hit its target half a mile away. Blake Cooley, Operations SVP of Umbra Applied Technologies stated: "UAT has once again redefined an industry standard.  Exceeding expectations and changing our industry is what we do.  I am genuinely proud of that and I believe our customers appreciate our commitment to never compromise our standards".

Alexander Umbra, Chief Executive Officer of Umbra Exploration states: "As we enter 2016, we are very excited to be right on track with the development and release of the highly anticipated PRP-30, a powerful contribution to our position in the marketplace. While we progress in gaining regulatory licensing, our sights are keenly set on making UAT Arms division a force to contend with in this industry, bringing to market unparalleled quality in every weapon brought to the design table".