Anonymous Hacker Group Attacks Twenty Thai Prison Websites In Protest Of Koh Tao Ruling

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  • 08:09 AM, January 28, 2016
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Anonymous Hacker Group Attacks Twenty Thai Prison Websites In Protest Of Koh Tao Ruling
Image credits:Bangkok Post

Hackers belonging to the Anonymous group have taken down 20 websites of Thai Department of Corrections on Thursday to protest against the Koh Tao ruling on the murder of two British Tourists.

In a post to the Anonymous for Justice Facebook page, a relatively small community among numerous Anonymous pages, hacktivists belonging to the Blink Hackers Group posted a screenshot of a web server status check page showing that the main Corrections Department website was offline, Bangkok Post reported today.

However, the main website was restored almost immediately. But the rest 19 sites were offline for almost an hour.

The attack on the Thai prison websites is regarding the death sentences given to two Myanmar men for the murder of two British tourists on Koh Tao. According to the report, the Jan 13 ruling on the said case was widely criticized as it was reported that the 22-year-old Myanmar men were tortured by police and forced to confess to a crime they did not commit, and then were railroaded in a botched investigation using questionable DNA evidence.

The same group of hacktivists had also shut down 297 Thai Courts of Justice websites in protest and claimed to have defaced Royal Thai Police websites on Jan 5. The group also claimed to have stolen large quantities of court records and vowed to expose corrupt legal authorities but, as of yet, have not released any more court data.

At least five websites were penetrated on Jan 5 -- the Police Clearance Certificate Centre, Metropolitan Police Bureau, Marine Police Division and the Phichit provincial police office - and the hacker group claimed eight others were taken down. 

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