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10:01 AM, January 29, 2016
Singapore Names New Air Force Chief
Singaporean New Air Force Chief Mervyn Tan Wei Ming

Singapore has appointed Brigadier-General (BG) Mervyn Tan Wei Ming, Director Military Intelligence (DMI) and Chief Command, Control, Communications, Computers and Intelligence (C4I)  as its new Air Force Chief.

Ming replaced  Major-General (MG) Hoo Cher Mou as Chief of Air Force on 28 March 2016, Singapore Ministry of Defense said in a statement Friday.

The incoming Chief of Air Force, BG Tan, 44, joined the SAF in 1990 and was awarded the SAF Overseas Training Award (Graduating) in 1992. In his military career, BG Tan held amongst others, the appointments of Commander Air Defence and Operations Command (ADOC); and Head Air Plans Department. As DMI and Chief C4I, BG Tan played a role in raising, training and sustaining the military intelligence community to ensure the SAF remains at the forefront of military intelligence amidst an evolving security environment.

As Commander ADOC, BG Tan was responsible for the high operational readiness, morale and safety standards of the groups and squadrons charged with safeguarding the security of Singapore's territorial airspace round-the-clock. During his time as Head Air Plans Department, he led the review and development of the RSAF's force structure and manpower establishments which helped shape the RSAF today.

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