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09:15 AM, March 9, 2016
Iranian Missiles Capable Of Reaching Israeli Occupied Palestine Territories
Iran test-fires a ballistic missile on March 9, 2016 during large-scale (Image: Press TV)

Iran has claimed that its missiles are capable of reaching Palestinian territories occupied by Israel.

“Any one bearing greater enmity towards Islamic Iran will naturally be more fearful of such capabilities and preparedness,” Major General Mohammad Ali Jafarri, the head of Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) was quoted as saying by Sputnik news daily Tuesday.

Jafarri said during the final stage of the missile exercises, ‘Eqtedar-e-Velayat’, carried out by IRGC aerospace division.

The drills involved coordinating ballistic missiles launches from across the country. According to an IRGC statement, this was aimed at proving Tehran's 'deterrence power' and the nation's 'full readiness to confront all kinds of threats against the [Islamic] Revolution, establishment and [Iran's] territorial integrity.'

Washington maintains that the new ballistic missile sanctions are unrelated to those repealed by the nuclear accord.

The commander added that Eqtedar-e-Velayat demonstrates Iran's ability to defend the region.

'Iran's security is the security of regional countries and our efforts are in line with establishing security in the region,' he said, according to Press TV.

Tehran has repeatedly stressed that its missile program is purely defensive in nature that it poses no threat to other countries in the region.

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