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02:24 PM, March 9, 2016
UAE Buys 8 Hammerhead Drones For $346 Million
Piaggio P1HH Hammerhead Drone (Image: Piaggio)

The UAE has signed a €316 million ($346 million) contract to purchase eight Piaggio P.1HH Hammerhead unmanned aerial vehicles.

The UAE signed three deals worth more than Dhs 1.47bn (US $400 million) at the UMEX exhibition yesterday, including a contract for eight drones, GulfBusiness news website reported Tuesday.

Brigadier General Rashid Mohammed Al-Shamsi said the country had signed a Dh 1.32billion ($359 million) contract with Abu Dhabi Autonomous Systems Investments Company for 31HH craft equipped with night cameras, radars and telecommunications devices.

The deal includes training, spare parts and maintenance.

It also signed a Dhs 143.3m ($39 million) deal for the training of helicopter pilots with Baker Australian College and another with Aeryon Labs Inc to buy SkyRanger small Unmanned Aerial Systems.

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