Russsian Mi-28NE Combat Helicopter With Dual-Pilot Launched

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  • 07:38 AM, March 19, 2016
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Russsian Mi-28NE Combat Helicopter With Dual-Pilot Launched
Russian Mi-28NE Attack Helicopters (Image:Rostec)

Russian Rostvertol has started mass production of Mi-28NE combat helicopter with dual controls.

While retaining all the attack helicopter functions, Mi-28NE with dual controls considerably simplifies the military pilot training process.  The modernized Night Hunter features an increased cockpit working size and modern energy-absorbing seats, Rostec said in a statement Wednesday.

This allows operation of the helicopter by both a pilot and an operator pilot acting as an instructor.

The Mi-28NE modernization program has been implemented by Rostvertol together with the Mil Moscow Helicopter Plant under the management of Russian Helicopters.

The Mi-28NE prototype with dual controls was produced in 2014.  The state joint tests were finished at the end of 2015.

Alexander Mikheev, the Director General of Russian Helicopters, said, "At the moment two contracts for the supply of the modernized Mi-28NE abroad have been signed.”

The Mi-28NE with dual controls is a new-generation all-weather attack helicopter.  The aircraft is designed to perform a wide range of missions, including destruction of armored vehicles, engagement of low-speed low-altitude airborne targets, aerial reconnaissance, as well as target indication for combat helicopters and planes.

Among the main advantages of Mi-28NE with dual controls are not only its manoeuvrability and round-the-clock operation, but also its firepower.  The helicopter weapons include guided and unguided missiles, as well as a flexible gun mount with a 30-mm gun.

All the helicopter vital systems and units are duplicated.  The crew cabin is safely armored, which provides protection against armor-piercing bullets and projectiles of up to 20 mm in caliber.  The helicopter crew is seated in the cockpit in tandem, thereby achieving good visibility and effective pilot protection.  The designers brought ergonomics of the Night Hunter cockpit to perfection.

The modernized Mi-28NE is equipped with an integrated avionics complex. The use of this complex based on cartographic information allows the search, detection and identification of ground and air targets, determining their coordinates and transmission of target indication to ground and air command posts.

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