Air Force May Need to Train in Foreign Airspace

  • (Source: Swiss information service)
  • 12:00 AM, October 14, 2008
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Switzerland's air force may have to train over neighbouring countries to reduce noise in popular tourist regions, defence officials said on Monday.>> At a roundtable meeting with canton officials from Lucerne, Bern, Vaud and Valais areas with military airstrips Defence Minister Samuel Schmid discussed ways to allow the air force the 22,000 take-offs and landings it needs to do each year.>> Residents and local officials near the airfields have long complained about the noise the jets make. The defence ministry will wait until November 7 to collect comments from the cantons in question before deciding how to deploy fighter jets for training exercises next year.>> Flying over foreign airspace may be an option. Next summer Swiss pilots plan to participate in training manoeuvres over northern Germany.>> -ends->