An Array of Chinese Weapons Displayed in Pakistan Parade

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  • 12:40 PM, March 24, 2016
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An Array of Chinese Weapons Displayed in Pakistan Parade
Pakistan JF-17 Thunder during National Day Parade (Image: Tribune Pakistan)

Pakistan has displayed Chinese or jointly produced military equipment and weaponry during the National Day parade on March 23 in Islamabad.

The military warplanes included five types of China-made fixed wing aircraft, J-7PG and J-7P developed by China independently and JF-17 Thunder, jointly developed by Chengdu Aircraft Corporation and Pakistan Aeronautical Complex, Chinamil reported Thursday.

The other military equipment included two air-borne warning and control systems (AWACS), ZDK-03 developed by China and Sweden’s Erieye. China-made WZ-10 attack helicopter appeared in Pakistan's military parade for the first time. Pakistan has likely replaced America's AH-1 Huey Cobra attack helicopters.

Apart from the aircraft, Pakistan also displayed MBT-2000 (Al-Khalid MBT in Pakistan) produced by China North Industries Corp. (NORINCO) main battle tanks, anti-tank missile, HJ-8 ‘Green Arrow’, China’s FM-90 short-range air defense missile, shoulder fired anti-aircraft missiles and drones similar to Chinese CH-3 by China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASC).

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