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09:03 AM, April 29, 2016
US Deploys Two F-22 Stealth Fighters To Lithuania
US Air Force's F-22 delpoyed to Lithuania

The US has deployed two F-22 stealth fighter jets to Siauliai Air base in Lithuania on April 27.\

The US Embassy in Vilnius tweeted pictures along with a video of two F-22s landing at the main NATO Baltic Air Patrol (BAP) airbase in Lithuania.

“Two US Air Force F -22 Raptors landed at the Lithuanian Air Force Aviation Base in Siauliai. US Ambassador McCarthy , Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskaite , Minister of National Defence J.Olekas and the large number of NATO ambassadors were present during the arrival of the fighter jets,” the US Embassy in Vilnius reported Thursday.

The F-22s were supported by a KC-135R aircraft and belong to a contingent of 12 Raptors from 95th FS from Tyndall Air Force base in Florida.

A US Air Force KC-135 intelligence gathering aircraft that was on a routine mission over the Baltic Sea was intercepted by a Russian Su-27 on April 14.

The two F-22s were deployed to a Romanian airbase for a short while on April 25.

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