AEL Delivers Wide Area Display Software For Brazilian Gripen Jets

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  • 08:56 AM, May 6, 2016
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AEL Delivers Wide Area Display Software For Brazilian Gripen Jets
AEL Delivers Wide Area Display Software For Brazilian Gripen Jets

Saab’s Brazilian partner AEL Sistemas (AEL) has successfully delivered the Wide Area Display (WAD) Demo HMI Software for the Gripen NG jet.

In February 2015, Saab announced the selection of AEL as a new Gripen supplier in Brazil. Saab and AEL also signed a contract for the transfer of technology. AEL is responsible for providing the WAD, the Head-Up Display (HUD) and the Helmet Mounted Display (HMD), which will be integrated in the Gripen NG for Brazil as part of the F-X2 contract.

The new avionics systems development programme, commenced in the first semester of 2015, will run over four years and includes development, integration and production work to be performed in Porto Alegre - RS. System integration work will be undertaken by Saab and Embraer.

The WAD Demo HMI Software is a representative application that demonstrates some of SAAB HMI concepts for the WAD. AEL engineers developed it in tight co-operation with Saab HMI specialists with the goal of providing a glimpse of the WAD capabilities when integrated in the Gripen aircraft.

The aircraft HMI software development schedule is on-going as planned by Saab. WAD Demo HMI solution is an on-going programme developed by AEL according to Saab requirements. The main functionalities implemented by AEL in the WAD Demo first delivery are: WAD Window manager to support the display layout defined for Gripen; pilot interaction via touch, using the IR touch; digital Moving Map with Gripen symbols and color palette; primary Flight Display with Gripen color palette; and LDP and radar formats demonstration. Additional functionalities will be implemented in the following versions to be delivered soon.

“This is an important delivery from AEL in the development of Gripen NG for Brazil and a significant milestone in the transfer of technology programme. AEL has performed very well with timely deliveries and excellent quality and the co-operation between AEL and Saab is very efficient”, says Mikael Franzén, head of business unit Gripen Brazil in Saab business area Aeronautics.

“We are proud to deliver this application in time and with quality, enabling Saab HMI team to continue their work towards the future WAD HMI software. We believe this delivery highlights and evidences AEL’s commitment within Saab and Brazilian Air Force to provide the next generation cockpit for next generation fighter” states Sérgio Horta, AEL's president.

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