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02:45 PM, May 30, 2016
F-35 Is 3 Decibel Noisier Than F-16
F-35 Is 3 Decibel Noisier Than F-16. (RNLAF photo)

The Netherlands last week conducted noise tests of two F-35s around their two future air bases – Volkel and Leeuwarden. 

The Netherlands Aerospace Centre (NLR) conducted noise level test during these test flights. These tests were carried out to allow local residents experience the sound of the F-35 while also affording them the opportunity to voice their opinions. 

On May 26, the F-35 flew twice, including an afterburner take-off, which was requested by the residents, the F-35 flew profiles alongside an F-16 - as they would normally do from both bases. The aircraft flew 28 sorties in order to give the local residents suffice opportunity to really experience exact noise levels, according to the Netherlands Ministry of Defence.

The first test results state that the maximum difference in noise was approximately 3dB. The result was then presented to the members of the Commission for Consultation and Awareness for Environmental Health (COVM) as well as the media, the statement said.

At present, the NLR is working on the results of the second flight. When this has been completed, a further analysis of the data will be made. The final report will eventually be presented at the COVM meeting of the airbases of Leeuwarden and Volkel. The results of the tests will also be used by the steering committee for the execution of the Eijsink motion for the completion of the permanent noise monitoring, the statement added.