Saab Offers To Design, Develop, Manufacture Gripen NG Fighter Aircraft In India

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  • 02:34 PM, June 15, 2016
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Saab Offers To Design, Develop, Manufacture Gripen NG Fighter Aircraft In India
Saab unveiled the first next generation fighter last month (Image: Saab)

Saab has offered to design, develop, manufacture and maintain Gripen NG multi-role fighter aircraft in India through transfer of technology.

Saab has also set out a plan within India’s Make in India initiative, which will include transfer of technology; setting up of an aerospace eco-system in India, including a manufacturing facility; creation of a local supplier base; employment of a well-trained Indian workforce in engineering and manufacturing, the company said in a statement Wednesday.

“Our concept of technology transfer is real as we are willing to give India comprehensive system and software control. In short, Saab is not only looking at setting up a base here, but also helping in the development of aerospace capability for many years to come,” says Jan Widerström, Chairman ,Saab India.

Saab recently unveiled in Linkoping the Gripen E, its first test aircraft of the next generation Gripen. Gripen E is the variant of Gripen NG that has been selected by Sweden. Gripen NG is capable of performing an extensive range of air-to-air, air-to-surface and reconnaissance missions under all conditions in any environment.

“We would train engineers in Sweden, as we’re currently doing with Brazilian engineers for the Brazilian Gripen programme. We will train people in India and in Sweden to be able to design, develop, manufacture and maintain in India”, says Mats Palmberg, Vice President, Industrial Partnerships, Saab Aeronautics. “We will not work by simply providing kits, but by providing knowledge so that we can build capability both from the bottom of the supply chain and from the top of the supply chain. There will be a lot of training in Sweden and in India. In that way we can reach an indigenous capability to maintain, to sustain, to further develop Gripen in India. We will not simply move an assembly line; we will build development capability. We will Design, Produce, Support, Innovate in India.”

Gripen offers operational dominance and flexibility with superior mission survivability. Air-to-air superiority is guaranteed with METEOR and IRIS-T missiles and supercruise. Air-to-surface capability is assured through the use of the latest generation precision weapons such as RBS15 & Taurus KEPD and targeting sensors. Gripen’s superior situation awareness is ensured through multiple tactical data links, and smart data fusion of AESA radar, IRST passive sensor, HMD, cutting-edge avionics, next generation data processing and a state-of-the-art cockpit.

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