KAI Selects Thales’ Scorpion Helmet Mounted Sight And Display For Light Armed Helicopter

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  • 11:41 AM, July 13, 2016
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KAI Selects Thales’ Scorpion Helmet Mounted Sight And Display For Light Armed Helicopter
helmet-mounted sight and display (Image: Thales)

Thales’ Scorpion helmet-mounted sight and display (HMSD) has been selected for Engineering, Manufacturing and Development (EMD) for South Korean Light Armed Helicopter (LAH) and to equip after completion on LAH EMD.

Thales will provide 400 HMSD Scorpion which will be onboard Korean Aerospace Industries’ (KAI) LAH at the beginning of the 2020’s, the company said in a statement Wednesday.

LAH program represents 200 helicopters. Korean Aerospace Industries (KAI) places Thales HMSD Scorpion as the new reference regarding monocular HMSD for armed and scout helicopters. Scorpion head tracking system is HObIT (Hybrid Optical based Inertial Tracking) provides accurate, reliable, and non-intrusive cockpit integration. It has a full color display and uses a single display for day and night; pilot can operate a smooth transition from day mode to night.

Scorpion is fully compatible with all standard Night Vision Goggle. Conformal and color symbology is now always available by day and night on an unlimited field of regard. Any standard video will be also available at anytime.

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