Russia To Develop New Ballistic Missile To Overcome US Missile Defense Systems

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  • 08:49 AM, July 15, 2016
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Russia To Develop New Ballistic Missile To Overcome US Missile Defense Systems
Russia is building new missile system to counter US missiles

Russian VP Makeyev State Rocket Center has begun development of a new ballistic missile aiming to overcome the US missile defense systems.

It is no coincidence if the information about it appeared after the NATO - Russia Council and the Summit in Warsaw. The center has already received a government contract to carry out development work,  Izvestia CEO and Chief Designer SRC Vladimir Degtar was quoted as saying by Federal News Agency of Russia.

He noticed that they develop severe ballistic missile "Sarmat", which is to update the land group, as well as "development work on promising new car."

Degter refused to reveal more details on the subject. However, the military-industrial commission told the news agency that refers to the new sea-launched ballistic missile, which is to replace a strategic "Bulava" system.

Military expert, Associate Professor of Political Science and Sociology of the Russian Economic University named after GV Plekhanov  Alexander Perendzhiev  told the news agency that he has suggested that the missile will have to overcome the US missile defense system, which will only be created, not just the one that exists today.

"The new missile is to neutralize the possibility of a future missile defense system. Moreover, the new rocket should be equipped submarines. That is, this is our answer missile defense systems of sea-based Aegis. The new missile is accurate, easy, cheap, and it will have a very comfortable use and operation. In addition, this missile could hit targets at any distance. We may talk about its increase in the firing range. "Sarmat" can be attributed to the high-precision weapons. I do not exclude that in the future for these missiles can create another class submarines. The process of improvement of weapons and military equipment, of course, is almost endless, like the rest of the scientific and technical progress as a whole ", - said the military expert.

"It is not for nothing that this information appeared in the media. In my opinion, it is that if the Americans go at stopping the deployment of missile defense systems along our border, we can very easily minimize work on the rocket. I think this is a hint to the invitation to negotiate. To get NATO to abandon their austere, we need to introduce some of his plans, which would have been very uncomfortable for them. This would help to hold talks with the United States on favorable terms for us. That's all "- summed up the military expert.

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