Russia To Integrate Advanced Surveillance Gear On Su-34 Bombers

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  • 02:38 PM, August 1, 2016
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Russia To Integrate Advanced Surveillance Gear On Su-34 Bombers
Russian Air Force Su-34 Bomber

Russian Sukhoi Su-34 bomber will be integrated with advanced radio surveillance gear, UKR-RT used primarily for detection and accurate positioning and performance goals such as: communication and information transfer, radar stations.

The new system can turn into a multifunction bomber capable of airstrikes and also conduct reconnaissance at the same time. You can conduct reconnaissance more discreetly without using spy planes during wat time. The Su-34 is less vulnerable than planes with intelligence-based systems, Russian news daily Izvestiya reported Monday citing Anton Lavrov, an independent military expert.

“Right now the UKR-RT system is undergoing field trials and will soon be supplied to the Air Force,” Sputnik quoted the news daily report.

The UKR-RT is primarily designed to locate and “read” the technical signatures of communications systems, radar installations and UAV ground control stations.

Independent military expert Anton Lavrov said that the new system would turn the frontline bomber into a multirole machine able to fight and reconnoiter all at the same time.

“With this specialized container on board, the Su-34 will save us the money that would otherwise be needed to develop a new AWACS-type aircraft.”

During peacetime it can conduct reconnaissance without the use of dedicated spy planes, while in wartime it is less vulnerable compared to reconnaissance planes converted from transport and passenger aircraft,” Lavrov said.

According to another in dependent defense expert, Dmitry Boltenkov, the UKR-RT has at its heart the M-410 radio reconnaissance system.

“The M0410 is a downsized version of the more sophisticated Fraktsiya system carried by Russia’s latest Ty-214R reconnaissance plane,” Boltenkov said.

Many foreign military specialists regard the Tu-2014R as a unique information gathering platform able to spot targets hundreds of kilometers away.

Several such planes conducted a series of reconnaissance missions late in 2012 near Japanese airspace and are frequent guests in Syria.

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