(Source: Damen Schelde Naval Shipbuilding)
12:00 AM, October 22, 2008
The Royal Moroccan Navy has given Schelde Naval Shipbuilding of the DAMEN Shipyards Group the order for the design, build and delivery of three SIGMA-class Multi-Mission Frigates.>> The contract became effective after close cooperation and final negotiations with the Royal Moroccan Navy in a relatively short period in order to realise its plans to modernise the fleet and extend its patrol capabilities.>> In addition, the choice of systems was focused on interoperability, for example on communication systems, to pursue its future intentions on joint operation missions with ships from NATO navies.>> The SIGMA Class Multi-Mission Frigates will be extended versions of the existing SIGMA ships by adding one or two modules.>> The contract includes one ship in length 105 meters, with delivery after 44 months, and two ships of 98 meters length, with delivery after 50 and 56 months, all with commonality in the systematic arrangements, including a state-of-the art Combat System with ASW, SuW, AAW and EW capabilities.>>> SIGMA Frigate Main Characteristics>> >> (EDITORS NOTE: These ships were ordered after Morocco reversed initial plans to order a FREMM frigate from Frances DCNS and two used ships. The shipyard, formerly known as Royal Schelde, has not previously commented on the contract. It cut first metal on the lead ship in July.)>