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03:02 PM, September 28, 2016
Ukrainian D-436TP turbojet engine

Russian Beriev Be-200 amphibian plane manufacturers are not ready to do away with Ukrainian D-436TP turbojet engines for the plane.

"The engine has passed a big range of trials in severe environment and I can say that today this is the only engine in the world to undergo this procedure," CEO of the Beriev Group Yuri Grudinin was quoted as saying by TASS Wednesday. "If we reject it [the engine], we should take into account a big range of trials and a long period of time. This work is currently being carried out in cooperation with Russia’s Industry and Trade Ministry but as of today the plane is equipped with an engine that has been certified with it," he added.

The engines are manufactured by Ukrainian Progress Machine-Building Design Bureau. According to him, more than 90% of the Be-200 plane’s components are Russian-made.

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