Indian MoD RFI For High Power Radar

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  • 07:01 PM, October 1, 2016
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Indian MoD RFI For High Power Radar
Raytheon patriot radar prototype (Image for representation)

The Indian ministry of defense has issued a Request for Information (RFI) to procure approximate 12 High Power Radars (HPRs).

According to the RFI issued on 26 September 2016, the MoD stated that the radars would be used for Air Defence Surveillance.

The HPR should have the following modes of operation. The HPR should have the ability to carry out surveillance of air space in Track While Scan Mode (TWS) mode and Full Track (FT) mode. The HPR must work with Azimuth coverage of 360º, Detection coverage of minimum 35 to 60 degree with negative elevation coverage option, Detection coverage of 30 Km or more, minimum detection range of 10 Km or less, track update rates in seconds and the number of targets that can be tracked by each planner array.

The radar should have three or more auxiliary or decoy transmitters to counter ARM from all directions. The radar should have six or more Operator Work Stations (OWS). Provision to increase the number of OWS to a maximum of ten should exist. All OWS should be capable of working in either operational or maintenance configuration.

The system should have minimum 1000 hours of synchronised recording & replaying facilities of the air picture with synchronised Radio Telecommunication (R/T) from all OWS. The system should have provision of library and archiving tool for retrieving the recorded data

According to the RFI, the sensors should have the provision for GPS or equivalent system based time stamping with a provision of redundant standby clock with similar accuracies.

The first radar should be delivered within 18 months of the effective date of the Contract and the balance 11 radars and other deliverables should be supplied in a phased manner within 62 months of signing the contract one radar every four months after delivery of first radar so that all deliveries are completed within 62 months, according to the RFI.

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