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12:37 PM, November 11, 2016
Russian MiG 1.44 fighter jet and Chinese J-20 fighter

Is the Chinese J-20 Stealth fighter Jet which made its world debut at last week’s Air Show China 2016 inspired by the MiG 1.44, a project most likely abandoned in favour of the PAK-FA stealth aircraft which is under advanced development?

On the face of it this does not seem likely. The only prototype of the fifth-generation MiG 1.44 aircraft has been put in cold storage in the hangar of Gromov Flight Research Institute near Moscow, Izvestiya reported in a 2013 report. The fifth generation MiG project started in the 1990s and the prototype may not contain many of the material and electronics that go into making a stealth jet.

Then again, the Chinese project has been in the making for nearly a decade now with earliest reports of the Aviation Industries’ Corporation of China (AVIC) Stealth program coming since the mid-2000s.

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