BAE Awarded $140 Million By Boeing To Support USAF F-15 Modernization Program

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  • 10:52 AM, November 16, 2016
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BAE Awarded $140 Million By Boeing To Support USAF F-15 Modernization Program
BAE Awarded $140 Million By Boeing To Support USAF F-15 Modernization Program

BAE Systems has been awarded $140 million contract by Boeing to support its F-15 modernization program for the U.S. Air Force.

The contract is part of the Air Force's Eagle Passive Active Warning Survivability System program, or EPAWSS. The program aims to provide F-15 Eagles with an updated electronic warfare system, which BAE System officials say is essential for ensuring the aircraft are equipped to meet emerging threats.

"Recognizing the importance of providing this enhanced EW technology to our warfighters, our team responded during the first phase of the program by not only meeting all set program milestones, but in some cases exceeding expectations by several weeks," BAE Systems Electronic Combat Solutions general manager Brian Walters said in a press statement.

The Eagle Passive Active Warning Survivability System provides the U.S. Air Force F-15 fleet with advanced electronic warfare technology to maximize mission effectiveness and survivability.

EPAWSS offers fully integrated radar warning, geo-location, situational awareness, and self-protection solutions to detect and defeat surface and airborne threats in signal-dense contested and highly contested environments. Equipped with advanced electronic countermeasures, it enables deeper penetration against modern integrated air defense systems, providing rapid response capabilities to protect the aircrew.

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