US Army Working On High-speed Super-copters Operable In Testing Conditions

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  • 11:26 AM, November 29, 2016
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US Army Working On High-speed Super-copters Operable In Testing Conditions
The new chopper, which will undergo testing next year, will be able to travel faster and further

The US Army is working on next-generation helicopters capable of flying at the speed of a jet aircraft and can be operated in extreme weather.

The Army will test the new aircraft next year and will be aiming at speeds greater than 230 knots (265mph). The helicopter will also be tested in ‘hot and high’ conditions; extreme heat and low air density, Express reported Monday.

The helicopters will allow USAF to transport troops, cargo in hostile environments and also conduct rescue missions in vulnerable environments.

The new helicopter will also be fitted with advanced sensors and weapons to detect and destroy enemy agents on the battlefield, defence journal Scout Warrior reported.

One of the designs put forward is for a helicopter with two rotor blades, one on top of the other.

US engineers are also looking at making use of rotating blades that can face both horizontally and vertically.

An engine at the back of the helicopter that would provide forward thrust is being considered that would give the aircraft the extra speed military bosses want.

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