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04:35 AM, November 30, 2016
IMP Aerospace Selects Rockwell Collins To Modernize Chilean Navy's P-3 Orion Avionics
Rockwell Collins to modernize Chilean Navy P-3 Orion avionics

IMP Aerospace has selected Rockwell Collins’ Flight2 integrated avionics system to modernize the cockpit avionics of P-3 Orion Maritime Patrol Aircraft for the Chilean Navy.

“Chilean Navy pilots will experience greater situational awareness and communications capabilities with the highly advanced avionics on board these aircraft,” said Alan Prowse, vice president and managing director, Americas and Global Services Business Development for Rockwell Collins said in a statement Tuesday.

The Flight2 integrated avionics suite of communications, navigation and surveillance equipment seamlessly integrates new-generation avionics with legacy sensors, radios, autopilot and aircraft systems.

Flight2 features advanced displays and an integrated military/civil flight management system, and is one of the cost-effective, lowest-risk solutions available today. The system is currently flying on more than 900 fixed-wing aircraft.

Aircraft installation, integration and design work is being done within IMP's Halifax, Nova Scotia facilities in Canada. Rockwell Collins will provide on-site field service engineering and logistics support to IMP Aerospace during the aircraft modifications and test.

Rockwell Collins’ work with IMP Aerospace will support their activities for service life extension and avionics upgrade of the Chilean Navy’s P-3 aircraft.

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