India Tests Nuclear Capable Mobile Launched Agni-V ICBM

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  • 08:54 AM, December 27, 2016
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India Tests Nuclear Capable Mobile Launched Agni-V ICBM
India's Agni V Canister Inter-Continental Ballistic Missile

India has carried out test firing of nuclear capable Inter-Continental Ballistic Missile (ICBM), Agni-V on Monday.

The ICBM was test-launched from Wheeler island off Odisha coast and was the fourth and could be the final test of the missile. The surface-to-air missile has a strike range of 6000 km and can carry a payload of 1500 kg.

The missile test firing was also the second Canister version of Agni V, which was launched from a mobile vehicle.

The next phase could well be a couple of user trials with the Army and then induction into the forces. The significance of the missile in the arsenal is that India can reach all of Asia, parts of Europe, Africa and deep into China with its missile power, BusinessLine quoted unnamed defense experts as saying Monday.

India’s Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO) has developed five version of the Agni series over the past 30 years. The Agni 1 has a reach of 700 km; Agni 2 is 2,000 km; Agni 3 is 2,500 plus and Agni 4 is 3,500 km. These are in various stages of inducted, induction and trials.

The defence scientists claim that the Agni V’s accuracy has been vastly improved with the Micro Navigation System and enhanced software and navigation of the on board computer.

The Scientific Adviser to the Defence Minister, G Sateesh Reddy said, "The successful test establishes the long range capabilities and critical technologies that are required for this class of missiles"

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