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12:53 PM, January 3, 2017
Russian Navy Commences Operating Krabik-BM Hydrography System
Russian Navy Commences Operation of Krabik-BM Hydrography System

Russian Navy has started learning the applied operations of the latest Krabik-BM radio surveying complex which is a high-precision specimen of equipment being supplied to the hydrography services departments.

The hydrography services of the Northern, Pacific, Baltic and Black Sea Fleets and the Caspian Flotilla have started the process of learning to use to the Krabik-BM radio surveying complex, the ministry's communications department said in a statement.

Krabik-BM provides real-time geodetic data for hydrographic surveys and offshore and near-shore engineering work, as well as increasing the efficiency of dredging.

The system, which automatically provides high-precision coordinates and movement vectors for both stationary and mobile marine objects, is a key component of forming a single navigational field for the navy.

Krabik-BM, With a range of 150 kilometers (93 miles), supports offshore natural resource exploration and extraction operations, drilling rig towing and subsea cable laying.

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