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01:25 AM, January 6, 2017
Nigerian Defense Budget Confirms Buying Pakistani JF-17 Fighter, Super Mushak Trainers
JF-17 fighter jet

Nigerian Federal Budget has confirmed an order for three JF-17 fighter aircraft along with 10 Super Mushak trainers from Pakistan.

Although there have been multiple reports of Nigerian officials and state documents listing the purchase, this is first-hand confirmation from the Government of Nigeria, Quwa reported Thursday.

For 2016, Nigeria has issued USD $1.5 million for the purchase. However, the proposed 2017 budget lists USD $68.76 million for “platform acquisitions … for counter air, counter surface, air ops for strategic effect and air support operations.”

It stands to reason that a portion of the proposed budget involves the JF-17s. While USD $68.76 million would be sufficient to pay for three JF-17s – and the requisite maintenance, logistics and training package – upfront, the budget likely includes other acquisitions.

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