Korea Steals Game Footage For Fighter Jet Promotional Video

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  • 01:41 PM, January 21, 2017
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Korea Steals Game Footage For Fighter Jet Promotional Video
Left: Agency for Defense Development (ADD)'s promotional video for the KF-X project. Right: Game footage from EA game "Battlefield 3." Photo Credit: The Korea Times

South Korea has presented a video in which it had used scenes from the game Battlefield 3 and Ace Combat: Assault Horizon without the consent of their original producers.

South Korea's defense department is working with Indonesia on a KF-X project, meant to create technology-driven fighter jets. To demonstrate the capabilities of its future hunts, it presented a video but the scenes in that were used without the permission from Electronic Arts (EA) or Namco Bandai, responsible for the rights of those games.

The scenes can be seen between the minutes 6:53 and 7:03. At one point, English subtitles of the original game are seen on the video, The Korea Times reported.

Released one year ago, the promotional video, titled "KFX Promotional Video ADD," has been played more than 12,000 times on YouTube and can be seen on other websites promoting the KF-X project, which will cost up to 30 trillion won ($24.9 billion) by 2028.

Producing this video with scenes stolen from video games cost the Defense Ministry more than $ 40,000.

Until now it is unknown whether EA or Namco Bandai will take legal reprisals for the use of their intellectual property without authorization.

The agency responsible for the video calls that they have just developed the script or script clip and have not provided the final images.

Bandai Namco has not yet made official statements but could take legal action given the misuse of copyrighted materials.

"Following the enquiry of The Korea Times made into the use of game footage in our KF-X promotional video, we checked with Nabix and confirmed that the footage was inserted without consent of the original producers," said Shin Hwan-gyu Spokesman of Defense Development (ADD), which initiated the KF-X project, said.

"We were not aware of this." Hwan-gyu added.

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