Russia To Deploy 11 Warships To Syrian Naval Facility

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  • 01:32 PM, January 23, 2017
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Russia To Deploy 11 Warships To Syrian Naval Facility
Syrian Tartus naval base (Image: Russia News Feed)

Russia may deploy up to 11 warships including nuclear-powered combat vessels at Syrian Tartus naval facility as part of an agreement signed with Damascus on the extension and overhaul of the facility.

"Russia is allowed to simultaneously deploy at the [Tartus] naval maintenance facility a maximum of 11 warships, including combat vessels equipped with nuclear-powered propulsion systems, and under condition that all ecological and nuclear safety requirements have been fulfilled," Sputnik quoted a Russia-Syria agreement posted on Russian government's legal information portal on Friday.

According to the document, Russia pledges to inform about the arrival of its warships to Tartus with a 12-hour prior notice.

In addition, Russia will have the right to deliver and store any type of weaponry and ammunition at the Tartus facility to ensure its proper functioning and defenses, the document says.

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