First Of Three Australian Navy Warfare Destroyer HMAS Hobart Final Sea Acceptance Trials

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  • 09:49 AM, January 30, 2017
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First Of Three Australian Navy Warfare Destroyer HMAS Hobart Final Sea Acceptance Trials
HMAS Hobart II (Image: Royal Australian Navy)

Australia’s first of three next-generation destroyers has embarked on its final round of advanced sea trials off the South Australian coast.

Hobart began its Sea Acceptance Trials this morning, the last major phase of testing before it is delivered to the Commonwealth later this year.

The Acceptance Trials will review Hobart’s mission systems, including its combat capabilities.

Combat and communication systems on Australia's first Air Warfare Destroyer (AWD) ship, HMAS Hobart, are being tested at sea this week — marking one of the final stages of construction before it is handed over to the Navy.

The Hobart is the first of three destroyers being built at Adelaide's ASC shipyard.

It was launched in 2015 amid cost blowouts and construction delays.

"These trials are conducted to prove that systems can perform the expected functions they were designed for, in the environment in which they'll be required to function," Defence Industry Minister Christopher Pyne said.

"In the maritime domain, sea trials are similar to new model cars being tested on the proving grounds and allow the detection of any issues before the ship is accepted by the Royal Australian Navy."

But last year, the second ship, HMAS Brisbane, was floated seven months ahead of the schedule that HMAS Hobart had been on at the same point in its construction — showing that efficiencies had been made.

The third ship, HMAS Sydney, is more than half-complete.

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