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12:35 PM, February 11, 2017
Israel Test Fires Barak-8 Missile
Barak-8 missile

Israel Aerospace Industries has test fired Barak-8 surface-to-air missile that can engage multiple targets even during severe saturation scenarios.

Test fired at sea to verify its capabilities, the Barak-8 is operated by the armed forces of Israel and India for defense against airborne threats, including fixed-wing aircraft, helicopters, unmanned aircraft, anti-ship missiles, and cruise missiles, United Press International reported this week.

The weapon system's features include all-weather supersonic skimmers for high-altitude targets, standalone data link optimizing task forces, and a vertical launch capability. The system can be used to engage multiple targets at a time during sever saturation scenarios.

The missile weighs roughly 600 pounds, measures 180 inches, and has an operational range of approximately 55 miles. The weapon is launched using an 8-cell VLS module.

While Israel, India and Azerbaijan are the only operators of the missile, Chile, Germany and Poland have expressed interest in procuring it.

Earlier, during December 2016 even Azerbaijan has test-fired the newly developed, Israeli-produced Barak 8 long-range surface-to-air missile purchased from the Jewish State.

Azerbaijan had ordered the operational land-based version of the long-range missile system from Israel, with 12 launchers and 75 surface-to-air missiles.

Similarly during last September, India test launched the long range missile from a mobile launcher at the Integrated Test Range (ITR) in Chandipur.

Between June 30 and July 1, 2016 three consecutive test firing of the medium range surface to air missile were conducted from the DRDO base at Chandipur.

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