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03:53 PM, February 15, 2017
Indo-Russian JV Could Manufacture 400 Kamov 226-T Helicopters
Kamov 226T Helicopter

An estimated 400 Kamov 226-T helicopters are planned to be manufactured by an Indo-Russian Joint venture under the “Make in India” program.

The documents for the joint venture formation between Russia’s Rostec companies on one side and HAL on the other side have been prepared and registration is awaited.

The shares in the JV have been agreed at 49.5% for the Russian side, 50.5% for the Indian side. The project is estimated at $1 billion.

The project is set for at least 200 units, 40 to be delivered from Russia in the nearest future, 160 to be made in India. In addition to the assembly, it provides terms for maintenance, operation, repairs and maintenance of these helicopters.

However, the actual requirement could rise to 400, according to Viktor Kladov, head of International Cooperation, Rostec said.

“The number of production units is to be set by the JV, but our expertise is that India requires no less than 400 units of these helicopters. They are versatile and modular so can be used in military, search and rescue, medical and transport tasks. It’s possible that the regional market, the neighboring countries will be interested and it can become an export product on its own,” he added.

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