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09:24 AM, March 1, 2017
Lockheed Martin Wins $1 Billion F-35 Lightning II Logistics Support Contract
Lockheed F-35 Lightning II Advanced Multi-Role Strike Fighter

Lockheed Martin is being awarded a $1 billion contract for recurring logistics support and sustainment services for F-35 Lightning II aircraft in support of the Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps, non-Department of Defense (DoD) participants; and foreign military sales (FMS) customers.

Sustainment services to be provided include ground maintenance, action request resolution, depot activation, Automatic Logistics Information System, operations and maintenance, reliability, maintainability and health management implementation and support, supply chain management, and activities to provide and support pilot and maintainer initial training.

Work is expected to be completed in December 2017.

This contract combines purchases for the Air Force ($507 million); Marine Corps ($205 million); Navy ($138.7 million); non-DoD participants ($163.5 million); and FMS customers ($44 million) under the FMS program. 

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