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01:54 PM, March 12, 2017
Pakistan Army Inducts LOMADS For Defence Against Combat Aircraft, Cruise Missiles
Chinese LOMADS HQ-16A (LY-80): Image for representation

Pakistan Army has inducted a Chinese-made Low to Medium Altitude Air Defence System (LOMADS) system, designated LY-80 which can intercept fighter jets and cruise missile up to an altitude of 12 KM.

A statement from the Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) said Sunday, “LY-80 is a Chinese mobile air defence system, capable of tracking and destroying variety of aerial targets at longer ranges flying at low and medium altitude.”

Chief of Army Staff Gen Qamar Javed Bajwa was quoted as saying that the newly inducted LY-80 LOMADS will increase the response capability to current and emerging air defence threats.

The LY-80 mobile missile system consists of a radar vehicle, a command and control station and six missile containers in two rows of three.  The system is claimed to intercept an aerial flying target from a 15 m to 18 km altitude. Its maximum interception range for combat aircraft is 40km, and between 3.5 km and 12 km for cruise missiles flying at an altitude of 50 meters at a speed of 300 meters/second.

Its Chinese manufacturer claims 85 per cent kill probability against combat aircraft, and 60 per cent against cruise missiles. The missile guidance system comprises of inertial guidance and intermittent illumination and semi-active homing terminal guidance.

Its international competitors are said to be the American Patriot and the Russian Buk.


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