Russia’s Aerospace Force To Practice Ballistic Missile Detection

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  • 12:56 PM, March 15, 2017
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Russia’s Aerospace Force To Practice Ballistic Missile Detection
Russian anti-ballistic missile defense system

Russia’s Aerospace Force has considered practicing detecting ballistic missiles, which will be launched by the Strategic Missile Force this year.

"The Space Troops, part of Aerospace Force, will team up with other branches and services of the Russian Armed Forces to practice detecting ballistic missiles during the demonstrative launches of intercontinental ballistic missiles by the Strategic Missile Force," Aerospace Force Commander-in-Chief Colonel-General Viktor Bondarev was quoted as saying by TASS today.

Russia’s Aerospace Force will also hold live tests with the launch of an anti-missile, the commander said. Live tests have been scheduled in anti-ballistic missile defense units with the launch of an anti-missile. Further "over ten joint drills for ABM system crews will prepare counter-missiles for combat use." the commander said.

More than 100 staff drills have been planned to train the space forces’ governance bodies. As many as 40 tactical drills with subordinate military units will be held under the direction of the commanders of space troops’ formations, the general.

Russia’s Aerospace Force also plans to carry out 15 launches of carrier rockets in 2017. "For the purpose of building up the orbital grouping of satellites, 15 launches of space carrier rockets will deliver more than 20 satellites into orbit," Bondarev said.

Further, highly compatible early missile warning radar stations will assume combat duty, the generall said in an interview with Krasnaya Zvezda newspaper on Wednesday.

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