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01:43 PM, April 5, 2017
South Korean Military Tests HUMVEE-Inspired Tactical Vehicle
The South Korean military's new tactical vehicle in a photo provided by the Defense Acquisition Program Administration. (Yonhap)

South Korean military units are testing newly developed tactical vehicles reportedly based on Humvee armored vehicles.  

Five types of indigenous multipurpose wheeled vehicles have been delivered to such forward-deployed units as the Army's 12th Division and the Marine Corps' 2nd Division since January for a four-month test run before mass production, Yonhap reports citing a statement by the nation's arms procurement agency Defense Acquisition Program Administration.

The vehicles are designed to replace the military's aged K-131 and K-311A1 vehicles. The basic model has a maximum speed of 135 kilometers per hour.

"They have superb mobility in unpaved mountainous territory" in addition to various devices for drivers including automatic transmission, GPS and rear-view camera, said the DAPA.

"Small-sized tactical vehicles are expected to greatly improve the power of combat teams," Brig. Gen. Um Dong-hwan, a senior DAPA, official said.

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