Rostec To Invest 22 Billion Rubles On PD-14 Engines Development For MC-21 Airliner

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  • 05:01 PM, April 18, 2017
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Rostec To Invest 22 Billion Rubles On PD-14 Engines Development For MC-21 Airliner
Rostec To Invest 22 Billion Rubles On PD-14 Engines Development For MC-21 Airliner

Russia’s United Engine Corporation plans to invest 21.9 billion rubles (USD 390 million) into its production facilities in 2017-2025 for mass production of PD-14 aircraft engine for the new Irkut MC-21 airliner.

UEC will invest 4.6 billion rubles (USD 81 million) for one of the upgrade program that includes re-equipment of production with modern machinery — universal machining centers intended for manufacturing complex parts, Rostec announced in a press release today.

Another 14.3 billion (USD 254m) rubles will be spent on creation of after-sales service system - establishment of repair facilities, training centre, spare parts distribution network and maintenance and repair centers. The project will be implemented using funds from federal budget.

Production line designed to produce at least 50 sets of equipment per year will be organized for PD-14 aircraft engines assembly. During 2017-2025, 2.95 billion rubles (USD 24m) of own and borrowed funds of UEC will be invested in the project, the release states.

United Engine Corporation expects to complete the upgrade of the stand for aircraft engines testing this year with an investment of 96.2 million rubles (USD 1.7m). The launch of the new stand is planned for the third quarter of 2017.

PD-14 engine is created in the framework of development program for a family of engines with 12.5 to 18 tonnes thrust for passenger and cargo aircraft, including for prospective MS-21 airliner developed by Irkut Corporation.

The total cost of works on preparation of PD-14 aircraft engine for serial production in 2017-2025 will be 21.9 billion rubles, the release added.

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