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10:31 AM, April 24, 2017
Iranian Navy Gets New Anti-ship Cruise Missile ‘Nasir’
Iranian Navy Gets New Anti-ship Cruise Missile ‘Nasir’ (Tasnim news agency photo)

Iranian Navy received a first unit of new anti-ship missile on Saturday, state-run media reported.

Called Nasir, the cruise missile’s range or the size of its warhead were not mentioned in the Press TV report on Saturday but it said that it can only be fired from land or ship-based launchers.

Defense Minister Brigadier General Hussein Dehqan said Nasir can be fired as a coast-to-sea or sea-to-sea cruise missile, and can hit various naval targets, including military vessels or piers.

The cruise missile can be rapidly prepared for launch, enjoys high navigation precision, has great destructive power, can be fired from speedboats, and has anti-jamming features due to an advanced radar system, the minister added.

The Nasir missile was first test fired during the “Valayat 95” Iranian military drills in the Persian Gulf in February 2017.

Iranian Defense chief Brigadier General Hossein Dehqan touted the missile’s quick targeting ability and said that it has an advanced radar system to counter defensive jamming measures by target ships.

“Equipping the Iranian naval forces with this missile marks an effective step toward increasing the country’s defensive capability and deterrence power,” Dehqan was quoted as saying in the report.

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