After Aegis, Japan Looking To Boost Defense Capabilities With Tomahawk Missiles

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  • 02:22 PM, May 9, 2017
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After Aegis, Japan Looking To Boost Defense Capabilities With Tomahawk Missiles
After Aegis, Japan Looking To Boost Defense Capabilities With Tomahawk Missiles

Japan is reportedly considering buying Tomahawk cruise missiles in the near-term as part of an attempt to counter the North Korean ballistic missile threat.

According to a source cited by Japan's Kyodo news agency, the government is keen on boosting its defence capabilities and said that funds for the purpose will be allocated in the 2018 budget.

In addition to Tomahawk cruise missiles, the government is also considering subsonic all-weather long-range projectiles. The weapons will have to be fitted on Japan's Aegis class vessels, which need modifications.

Due to the growing threat posed by Pyongyang, including a simultaneous launch of four rockets earlier this month, Japan is hurrying to build its defense stronger.

In a significant measure to boost Japan's defence capabilities, the ruling party, Liberal Democratic Party (LDP), last month called on the government to swiftly start examining the possible introduction of such advanced missile defense systems as Aegis Ashore and THAAD, and to accelerate technological development for operating Japan's own early warning satellites.

The US recently cautioned that North Korea's threat to strike South Korea or Japan with a nuclear weapon is not hollow, as Washington urged global powers to put more pressure on Pyongyang.

Meanwhile, new satellite images released by the monitoring agency, 38 North, suggest Pyongyang could be expanding its submarine-launched ballistic missile programme (SLBM). 

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