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12:42 PM, May 16, 2017
UVision Unveils Hero-400EC Loitering Munition System
UVision Unveils Hero-400EC Loitering Munition System

UVision has unveiled Loitering Munition System Hero-400EC  that uses man-in-the loop technology and advanced Electro-Optical/Infra-Red (EO/IR) payloads to locate, track and strike static or moving targets with pinpoint accuracy .

Its electric motor enables it to loiter silently above a target, ready to instantly respond to pop-up threats. Moreover, its cruciform design delivers high accuracy and reduces collateral damage.

The firm’s Hero-400EC will be presented for the first time at the Ground Warfare and Logistics Conference in Latrun, Israel, on May 16-17, 2017.

Noam Levitt, CEO of UVision said, “We recognized the need for a long-range platform that could remain in the air for extended periods of time, provide a substantial warhead effective against a wide variety of targets, and also deliver missile-level pinpoint strike capabilities. The Hero-400EC answers these critical needs.”

The high-precision, extended-range loitering munition System features a low noise and thermal signature modular multi-tube launcher that is adaptable to a wide range of platforms, thereby offering air, land, and sea capabilities.

The abort capability allows automatic reentry into the loitering mode, re-engagement of the enemy, or return to the recovery area using a parachute. This makes Hero-400EC a cost-effective weapon of choice on today’s asymmetric battlefield.

The Hero-400EC has a maximum take-off weight of 40 kg and a warhead weight of 10 kg, with an endurance of up to 2 hours.“The system is currently in an advanced stage of development, with customer demonstrations planned for later this year.” Levitt added.

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