Russia’s UAC Plans Merger Of MiG, Sukhoi Fighter Jet Manufacturing Companies

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  • 08:24 PM, June 6, 2017
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Russia’s UAC Plans Merger Of MiG, Sukhoi Fighter Jet Manufacturing Companies
Yuri Slyusar, President, United Aircraft Corp

A new fighter aircraft division of Russia’s United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) will include the Sukhoi and Mikoyan (MiG) aircraft manufacturing companies.

UAC President Yuri Slyusar was quoted by Tass as saying to Rambler News Service, "We are undergoing corporate reorganization. Four divisions, including a combat aircraft one, are being established. The division will include the Mikoyan and Sukhoi Companies and all their aircraft development, production and maintenance assets," Slyusar said.

"From my point of view, there has been a misunderstanding of two concepts - the merger of the companies instead of the establishment of the division that will include both of them," he said in a reply to a question about a possible merger of the two companies.

"We appreciate the Mikoyan Company, praise its design and production competencies, that is why, no one will disband or get rid of the company or deprive it of its name," he added.

While Sukhoi has been successful in the domestic and international markets, the once popular MiG has been struggling to find a market for its products. Its latest offering, the MiG-35 is yet to receive an order while its earlier mainstay, the MiG-29 is being phased out by its various customers.

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