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09:36 AM, June 10, 2017
Ukraine Hardsells Soviet Era Military Equipment Modernization To 16 Ambassadors
Ukraine meeting with foreign ambassadors

Ukraine’s Ukroboronprom has offered to modernize Soviet-Era Russian military equipment in a presentation made to 16 ambassadors from Africa, Asia- Pacific and Latin America on June 7 at the Ivan Chernyakhovsky National Defense University.

“The State Concern can produce the latest military equipment, modernize Soviet samples and provide after sales service,” said by Ukroboronprom Deputy Director General for Development  Artur Kheruvymov at the meeting.

“Our enterprises made a significant step forward – having experience of using military equipment in hybrid warfare, we have significantly improved and deepened modernization of the existing samples and started production of new models of the military equipment. This military equipment proved its combat effectiveness in the forefront,“ said Kheruvymov in his speech quoted in a Ukroboronprom release.

Ukrainian enterprises can modernize Soviet-type military equipment, as well as establish joint production of weapons, UAVs, communications equipment and products for naval purposes.

In the framework program of their visit, foreign ambassadors – accredited in our country concurrently – met UOP representatives on June 7 at the Ivan Chernyakhovsky National Defense University of Ukraine. 16 Ambassadors from Africa, Asia, Pacific Region and Latin America participated in such event for the first time.

Ambassadors had the opportunity to see for themselves work of Ukrainian defense enterprises and the samples of modern weapons, represented by UOP enterprises: A special exposition was organized for the foreign guests, in which 30+ exhibits were demonstrated.

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