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02:06 PM, June 15, 2017
Ammunition Factory Khadki

Two employees of Indian Ministry of Defence’s Ordnance Factory near Pune were killed in an blast while shifting explosives.

The explosion occured in one of the magazines where propellant powder is stored before processing at the Ammunition Factory, Khadki (AFK) in Pune. The cause of the explosion, which occurred in the F-2 section of the factory, is being confirmed but it has been told that the deceased employees were carrying 'rejected ammunition' AFK authorities said in Asianet report.

The blast happened during the time the explosives were being shifted. It was a regular task that was being carried. Two workers have got burn injuries and died. Military explosives experts are on the site and an investigation is on. But there is no damage to the buildings.

These explosives are very sensitive and they become activated by any small change in pressure or temperature, said an officer from the AFK.

The deceased, identified as Ashok Dubal (51) and S Maria Rok (47), both employees in the trade of line mistry fill, had gone to this section as part of their routine work around 9.20 am (locla time), the authorities were quoted as saying by Times of India.

AFK Authorities added that the propellant powder stored at the Dighi magazine is transferred to the AFK as per requirement and is stored in the F-2 section. "The area of this section is not huge and only limited persons are allowed to access the store," an officer said.

Established in December 1869, AFK is a premier factory for small arms manufacturing ammunition for the Indian armed forces.

It is one of the oldest units under the Indian Ordnance Factories Board, which has 40-odd ordnance factories across the country working under the Ministry of Defence's department of defence production.

The factory has since gone through major expansion with manufacturing facilities for different types of primary explosives, detonators, percussion fuses and different pyrotechnique stores.

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