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12:53 PM, June 19, 2017
Irkut MC-21 Flight Tested with Landing Gear Retraction- Paris Air Show 2017
Irkut MC-21 airliner undergoing flight test (Irkut photo)

Russia’s airliner MC-21 today performed another flight with the landing gear retraction and extension at Irkut aviation plant.

The prototype MC-21- 300 aircraft performed a flight within the program of in-plant development tests, the company’s press release states.

Oleg Demchenko, the president of Irkut Corporation said: “Today we made an important step forward: MC-21 aircraft performed a flight with the landing gear retraction and extension. This allows to proceed with new and more complex modes of flight testing”.

On May 29, Russia’s new generation of passenger airliner MC-21 successfully performed its first flight.

The airliner is intended for the biggest air transportation market segment, its capacity is 163 - 211 seats. As said by manufacturers, MC-21’s fuselage diameter is the largest in the single-aisle aircraft class and will provide enhanced comfort for passengers.

A delegation of Irkut Corporation lead by Oleg Demchenko is participating in the Paris Air Show 2017 where it plans to hold meetings with potential customers of the MC-21 airliner. Models of the MC-21 have been displayed at the Russian stand in the show.

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